Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random goodness

I've recently discovered a few new toys. Here's a short list of some of my new "favorite things".

1. Wide flat bars on AM bikes.

With my hulking stature, towering in at 5'6" in my riding kicks, my riser bars always feel too tall when paired with anything over 100mm of travel up front, but obviously flat bars are way too narrow. After a short conversation in passing with CT at Easton, I mentioned that I was looking for a wide flat bar, with plenty of sweep, for 29'ers. It kinda slipped my mind for a little while, after he told me they didn't have anything like that. Lo and Behold, no more than 6 weeks later I'm sitting with him again, and he nods to a wall of samples, and there sits my EA70 bar. 680mm wide, 9mm sweep. Sweet!

Another week goes by, and my bar gets delivered, and after checking it out on a 29'er, I throw it on my Altitude that is being built up, for lack of another bar. Guess what? For the 1st time ever, I feel like my bars are in the right spot. Giddyup. It's been a love affair ever since. It's not for everyone, I know, but works for me.
2. Speaking of hands... ESI Silicon grips

These things are half the weight of "traditional" rubber grips. Ok, they are double the weight of foam grips, but they don't spin like foamies, and don't feel like holding onto a frickin' scouring pad. Nice feel, relatively inexpensive, and light. No, they don't offer a lock-on version.

3. Wingnut Hydration packs

No, it's not a fanny pack. It's a hydration pack that sits on your lower back, and has exteded "wings" around your hips with super handy mesh pockets as well as zippered ones. I like it because it doesn't sit up on my back and smoke me in the back of the head on every descent (unlike some other packs that will remain nameless), it lowers my center of gravity, I can grab for stuff easily in the side pockets without stopping. Right now, I'm using a 2L bladder that I only fill 1.5L full, since I don't have the proper bladder, seems to work fine. These things light and strong, made from sailcloth, and have waterproof zippers. You can stuff a helmet behind the bungee if you feel so inclined. What I DON'T get, is why these haven't caught on yet??

Check 'em out here .

Sunday, April 26, 2009

T.R: Seymour

Altitude in its natural habitat

Today was one of the best days yet this spring, so I took advantage of the nice weather to get an extended XC session in on my new Altitude.

Started up Old Buck and rode up past the Baden Powell, to the Parkway, where I rode up to Corkscrew. A bit of a grind this at this point in the season, but well worth it. I was a little surprised by how few people I saw out there, considering it was a beautiful Saturday morning. I only crossed 5 people all day!

The trails were in great shape, no snow and minimal run off. There was definitely some blow down in spots, though most was cleared away by now. This is just past the entrance to BottleTop. The rest of it was perfectly clear, but coming around the corner, I was surprised by this carnage.

Just past this point, I came across a little watering hole I'd never seen before, opportunity for a few pics...



Local wildlife

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sea Otter 2009

The weather was fantastic for once, crowds were huge, racing was fast and furious. And the bikes. Did I mention the bikes? There may have been the odd one here or there. RMB was there to launch our new 29'ers. I won't blow our own horn, but you can read up here:

Check out Stef and Marty's race rigs, minutes before the start of the Short Track

My Sea Otter highlights?

1. Sunshine (hey, we're in Vancouver...)

2. XC ride w. Bryson, JP, Tom and the boys from Marzocchi, as well as Pete, Duncan and Ryan from Norco. No shortage of talent here. 2010 forks are feeling gooooodd.

3. 8 course gourmet meal for 30, hosted by Race Face and Bike Mag, chef-ed up by none other than Julian, marketing honch at Race Face. Outstanding.

4. Dinner with John Tomac, at said function. Huh. Living legend and all that...

5. 6 pairs of socks + knee warmers for $20. Thanks Longs Cycle.

6. Watching Dre come back from riding the Vertex 29'er. He's pumped.

7. Seeing Scott "Boom Boom" Beaumonts custom 4x bike that we built this spring. We got his frame together in record time, but to see the complete bike was incredible! Sub 24lbs! Check it out here. Gee had better watch his back. Boom Boom already walked away with the 1st NPS race...

8. Getting on the plane, flying home to VanCity, and sleeping in my own bed.

Can't wait 'til next year.

The Beginning.

Well, here you have it, post #1.

Where to begin? This blog with hopefully give you just a small glimpse inside the inner workings at Rocky Mountain Bicycles, in sunny Vancouver, BC. From work projects to trip reports, sneak peeks to random blather, maybe even the odd race result.

You name it. A mixed bag really.

We take requests.