Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Shore Triple Crown

Looks like this weekend is all tee'd up for the annual Bruce Spicer Triple Crown Birthday Ride.

Every year, we attempt to get together to celebrate local celeb Spicer, ex World Cup honch, 13 time natl champ (Mtn, Rd, Track, you name it...), product guy at Brodie bikes.

Spicer on the Shore

It's become somewhat of a tradition now to do the triple crown. Here's his description:

"Start at Bean Around The World, Park Gate 9:00 AM
Cunt Buster (Note non PC version of name).
Bottle Top
King of the Shore
Village Chair Lift Line / Jet Boy ? Jet Girl. (Rode it on Saturday - in good condition).
Brothers Creek to Big Eye tentative. ( I have to go check it this week.)
Fleshy Wound
Stupid Grouse, or maybe Slippery Canoe
Steamworks Park Royal."

Rough approximation of the route

Last time I attempted this ride, it took 7 hrs, though it was cold and rainy for a better part of it. The group started about 9-10 deep, swelled to a high point of 15-17 as people joined up for portions of the ride, and I believe 7-9 of us did the full pull, finishing up with beers at Park Royal.

Weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, bike is running perfectly, and a couple of buddies are coming down from Whistler for the festivities. Should be good...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

29'er Testing

We had a great little ride the other night on Seymour... Pete was riding his new 22" Vertex 29. Man. That is one big piece of scaffolding.

He's pretty happy with it, geometry feels dialled. We need to make a few small tweaks to cable routing and some tube bending angles, and we're good to go.

Can't wait to try the big wheel thing.